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Oquossoc Lady at mooring
Seaplane landing
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Frequently Asked Questions: Lake Cruises

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What is your season?

Our cruise season begins Memorial Day weekend and continues through the Columbus Day weekend. Weather permitting, special trips can be arranged outside these dates. Please call us.

How are your lake cruises scheduled?

Our trips are scheduled seven days a week by reservation. A minimum of four (4) passengers are required for a Scenic Lake Cruise to run. Please call with the dates you will be in the Rangeley Region and we will attempt to work you into our cruise schedule.

Where and when do we meet?

Our Rangeley Lake Scenic Cruises originate from our private dock in Oquossoc, 6 miles from the Town of Rangeley.  From Oquossoc, travel south on RT 17 / Rumford Rd for ½ mile (you’ll see our business sign on RT 17). Just past the sign, take the 1st left onto Shore Rd and travel back to our cabin, #274 Shore Road.

Locations for pick-up and drop-off for Premier Packages, Private Charters and Wedding Cruises  on Mooselookmeguntic, Cupsuptic and the Richardson Lakes will be discussed when reservations are confirmed.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to cruise departure time for introductions, payment and boarding. We will depart promptly at cruise time. PLEASE be punctual.

How long is the cruise?

Our Scenic Lake Cruises are scheduled for 1 hour.  Premier Packages are scheduled for 3 hours. Private Charters, Wedding Cruises, and Group Travel cruise lengths are determine at the time of reservation.

Is there an age requirement?

No.  Our cruises are available for all ages. See our “Prices” tab for reduced child pricing. There is no charge for infants (under 2 yrs old). Note: For infants under 2 years old, you are required to bring your own infant lifejacket.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, reservations are required for all Scenic Lake Cruises, Private Charters, Wedding Cruises, Premier Packages, and Group Travel packages. Please call or e-mail us.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.  For credit card processing, we use “The Square” on our tablet and you will be asked to sign the tablet and, if a receipt is desired, provide us your e-mail address.

Is there a deposit required?

For our 1-hour Scenic Lake Cruises no deposit is required. You will pay at our dock prior to boarding.  For Private Charters, Wedding Cruises, Premier Packages and Group Travel Cruises we will require a 50% deposit.  If you are using a credit card, we will ask for your credit card number, expiration date, CCV 3-digit code, and name as it appears on the card.  We will, however, not process this payment until the date of your trip. Deposits are fully refundable if you cancel at least one week (7 days) in advance. If you do not show for your trip by cruise time, you will forfeit your deposit. Cruises will only be cancelled due to weather by us, in which case you will receive a full refund.

What is the minimum/maximum number of guests on a given cruise?

For our Scenic Lake Cruises there is a minimum of four (4) and maximum of ten (10) passengers.  For our Premier Packages, Private Charters, and Group Travel trips there is no minimum but a maximum eight (8) passengers on the Oquossoc Lady and fourteen (14) on the Gray Ghost.

Do you offer cruises on all the Rangeley Lakes?

No, we do not cruise on Lake Umbagog. The “Oquossoc Lady” offers Scenic Lake Cruises, Wedding Cruises, Premier Packages and Group Travel Cruises on Rangeley Lake (with special consideration given to wedding/special events on Mooselook and Cupsuptic).  The “Gray Ghost” offers Private Charters, Premier Packages and Group Travel Cruises on Rangeley, Mooselookmeguntic, Cupsuptic and Upper & Lower Richardson Lakes.

Can the “Gray Ghost” be reserved for other uses?

Absolutely!!  We intend to use the “Gray Ghost” as a second cruise boat, along with the “Oquossoc Lady”.  The “Gray Ghost” is the largest pontoon boat on the Rangeley Lakes and offers a large seating capacity (up to 14 seated passengers and 20 “standing room only”) and ample room to host various events. If you are looking for a unique experience on the Rangeley Lakes, let us know and we can put together a special cruise/event package for your family or group.

What can we expect to see?

A LOT!! All our cruises can include a historic overview of the region highlighting the sites of old hotels, railroad stations and steamboat landings. The real advantage of our cruises is our ability to travel to remote locations on the lakes that are not frequented by humans. There are many opportunities to see and photograph Bald Eagles (and Eaglets), Common Loons (and Chicks), Canada Geese, Common & Hooded Merganser’s, Great Blue Heron and other Shorebirds.  Wildlife could include the Moose, Whitetail deer, Weasel, and Beaver.

Where do I park my vehicle?

For cruises originating from our private dock in Oquossoc, you will park in the lot in front of our camp on Shore Road in Oquossoc. For cruises on Mooselookmeguntic and Cupsuptic Lakes you will park at the public parking lot on RT4 (Carry Road) between Oquossoc and Haines Landing. You will be required to walk approximately 200 yards and board the vessel at the boat ramp at Haines Landing.  Upper Richardson Lake trips will park at the public parking lot at Mill Brook Landing. This lot is on RT16, towards Wilson Mills, exactly 14.4 miles from the RT4 and RT16 intersection in Oquossoc. Take a left at the State Public Boat Ramp sign, Mill Brook Road, and travel one mile on the dirt road to the parking lot. Please do not block vehicles with trailers and lock your vehicle. Note: There is a privy (outhouse) at the State Boat ramps at Haines Landing and Mill Brook Landing.

Can I bring my food and beverage on the cruise?

Food and beverage are not allowed on our 1-hr Scenic Lake Cruises aboard the Oquossoc Lady. You are welcome to bring food and beverage on Private Charters, Wedding Cruises, Premier Packages, and Group Travel Cruises. A large cooler is available aboard the “Gray Ghost” to store your food/drinks or you can bring your own small cooler.  We ask for your consideration in removing your trash when you depart the vessel.  Note: No drugs are permitted on our cruises. I have the authority to deny any persons participation in a cruise if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind.

Will I be safe on this trip?

Yes!!! As a Registered Maine Guide, I will personally ensure your safety on my cruises. My Guides license includes fishing, hunting, and recreational certificates and I’m also an IF&W Licensed Boat Captain. A seasoned mariner, I guarantee you a comfortable, enjoyable and safe cruise.

Will I be required to wear a lifejacket while on the cruise?

Maine State law requires children 10 and under to wear lifejackets anytime they are aboard the vessel.  We have lifejackets sized for children between the ages of 2-10 years old. You must bring your own infant lifejacket for children under 2 years old. Life jackets will be readily available for adults.  On EVERY cruise, prior to departing the dock, a safety brief will be given to address emergency procedures, including lifejacket location and use.

What type of clothes should I wear?

Please see our What to Bring page regarding some suggested items and clothing to bring.  Depending on the time of year and weather conditions for your cruise day, a sweatshirt or light jacket might be warranted. Please remember that our cruises are an outdoor activity and, while I will attempt to minimize getting you wet, there may be conditions when this is unavoidable.

How does weather affect the trip?

Weather is the biggest variable with our lake cruises. After four years of operating our cruise business, we have become very good at analyzing the weather radar and forecasts. We will always err on the side of safety and we reserve the right to cancel any cruise if weather dictates. We will attempt to call/email the passengers by 6pm the night prior if we anticipate a weather cancellation.  All deposits will be refunded for weather cancellations. Please review our What to Bring page for suggested clothing to bring with you.

What type of seating is provided in the vessels?

The “Oquossoc Lady” has padded bench seating along the gunwales.  The “Gray Ghost” has individual, extra large, stable, high back deck chairs for each passenger.

Are the trips handicapped accessible?

No and Yes. The “Oquossoc Lady” is not handicapped accessible.  The “Gray Ghost” is handicapped accessible (wheelchair, walkers, canes, etc).  Please contact us to discuss arrangements.

Is there a cover to protect us from rain and sun?

Yes, both the “Oquossoc Lady” and “Gray Ghost” have hard tops that provide limited protection from rain and sun. As with any boating activity, passengers should plan for foul weather and the possibility of getting wet.  I will do my best to keep you comfortable on rainy or hot days.

Is there a toilet on the vessel?

No.  You are asked to use the public restroom in Oquossoc prior to arriving for your cruise at our camp.  For cruises originating at Haines Landing or Mill Brook Landing, there are privies (outhouses) at each public boat ramp.

Is there a power source for electronic equipment?

No.  If you are going to bring electronic devices (smart phones, tablets, computers, cameras) on the trip, please make sure they are fully charged.

Is there cell phone coverage on the cruise?

In most areas of our cruises (not all) you will have cell phone coverage as well as data capability for smart phones and tablets. For safety reason, I encourage you to bring your cell phone. There is a good likelihood that your device may get wet, so bring adequate packing.

Can we bring a dog?

Dogs are not allowed on any cruises or charters aboard the “Oquossoc Lady”.  Dogs may be allowed on cruises and charters aboard the “Gray Ghost”.  Pets must be attended at all times and any pet waste disposal will be the responsibility of the owner. There is a limit of one pet. No pet life vests are provided. There is no pet fee. No cats are allowed on either vessel.

Can I swim off the vessel?

No swimming is allowed on any cruises or charters aboard the “Oquossoc Lady”.  Arrangements can be made for swimming off the “Gray Ghost” depending on the cruise package reserved.  Wind chill while underway is a primary consideration. Bring a towel.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, our gift certificates are very popular and are perfect for a corporate outing, wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, or thank you.  We will require full payment at the time of purchase. Contact us for more information.

What is “Wet Time”?

Wet time is used for Private Charters and Weddings and is calculated from when the boat departs from and returns to the dock at which the vessel is launched.

Do I get a discount of I take both a paddle trip on the Gray Ghost and a cruise on either the Oquossoc Lady or Gray Ghost?

Yes, we offer “A Cruise and A Kayak” special package if your book a 1-hour Scenic Lake Cruise aboard the “Oquossoc Lady” and a Paddle Trip/Private Charter aboard the “Gray Ghost” in the same summer.  You will receive $10 off your second ticket purchase. Must be redeemed in the same year and cannot be combined with other special promotions.


If, after reading these FAQ’s, you still have questions,
please e-mail us at rangeleycruises@gmail.com or call us at 207-670-8391.