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Guided Kayak Trip
Guided Kayak Trip
Guided Kayak Trip
Guided Kayak Trip
Guided Kayak Trip

Guided Kayak Trips

The Rangeley Region offers some of the most spectacular lake kayaking in Maine.  If our half-day Mothership Kayak Excursions don’t quite fit into your schedule, then you might consider one of our three Guided Kayak Paddles.  Our trips are 2 – 2½ hours long and suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers; your group can determine the intensity level and course focus. None of our kayak trips include rapids or whitewater, the classification of your trip – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – will simply define the intensity level and speed at which we paddle. We recommend morning paddles to maximize opportunities to see moose, eagles and other wildlife, but you and your group will determine actual trip times.  Our kayak trips can accommodate groups of two to ten people.

While on your guided paddle excursion, you will enjoy a water-line view from a comfortable, recreational, single-seat kayak (tandem kayaks are available, if requested). The large cockpits allow for easy-in, easy-out kayak accessibility.  Your guide will trailer, unload and prepare your kayak at the launch location.  Price includes kayak, lifejacket and paddle along with transportation and shuttle service where noted.

We will break at the mid-point of the paddle, so bring a snack and drink if you wish.  You should expect to get wet so depending on the temperature, we recommend wearing warm, fast-drying clothing.  Water shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray are also recommended. And don’t forget the camera!

Below are full descriptions and schedule for our three Guided Kayak Trips. For additional information or to schedule a trip contact us at 207-670-8391 or e-mail rangeleycruises@gmail.com

Kennebago River Paddle

The Kennebago River is a very popular, gentle flowing river that offers an excellent opportunity to see moose and eagles, particularly early in the morning.  We will all meet at the Oquossoc Grocery for introductions and payment. You will then follow us in your vehicle to the take-out location (3 miles), where you will leave your vehicle.  We will shuttle you in our vehicle the 2 miles to “Steep Bank Pool” where we will launch our kayaks.  [Note: there is an out-house at the launch site].

Once underway, we will enjoy a slow paddle down the meandering river, through a few sets of ripples, and glide over the beautiful, deep pools that hold native brook trout.  We will also paddle over gravel river beds where the brook trout spawn each fall.  There are two “oxbows” in the river that are excellent locations to spot our State animal, the Maine moose.  We will have a thorough discussion on the moose, its habits and habitat. As with all our trips, questions are encouraged! Depending on the flow of the water and experience level of the paddlers, we will enjoy a 2 – 2½ hour paddle to the take-out location where your car will be parked.  You can then leave your kayak, get into your car and head home – no hassle, no post-paddle worries.  The mid-summer water levels can be low and may require a drag across some gravel beds so bring water shoes.

Trip Rate: $65.00 pp

Cupsuptic River Paddle

The Cupsuptic River trip is a beautiful, two-hour flat-water paddle that also offers an excellent opportunity to see moose and eagles.  A birdwatchers dream! We will meet at the Oquossoc Grocery for introductions and payment.  You will then follow us in your vehicle to the launch/recovery site (7 miles).  [Note: there is an out-house at the launch site].

Once we launch, we will enjoy a secluded, quiet paddle up this beautiful river that is the headwater of Cupsuptic and Mooselookmeguntic Lakes. Tree stumps in the river will lead to a discussion on Upper Dam that was built to raise the lakes to accommodate the old log drives.  The marshes along the shoreline are perfect habitat for ducks, geese, double-crested cormorant, and the occasional common loon.  Great blue heron and  marsh hawks have also been spotted.  We’ll keep our eyes on the trees for possible sightings of the bald eagle, kingfisher, Canadian Jay, and osprey.  Eventually we will reach a set of impassable rapids where we will then paddle over to and around an island that has excellent moose cover.  We will have a thorough discussion on the moose, its habits and habitat.  As with all our trips, questions are encouraged! “Hinkleys Café” picnic site is our next stop where we will take a break from kayaking, stretch our legs, visit the out-house, and enjoy a snack or drink if you decide to bring one.  We will then make our way back down the river to the launch site, looking for any wildlife that may have come to the riverbank.  

Trip Rate: $55.00 pp

Rangeley Lake – Oquossoc Cove Paddle

Our private lakefront property offers the perfect launch and recovery site for a two-hour flat-water guided paddle around Oquossoc Cove and along the calm waters of the west shore of Rangeley Lake.  In Oquossoc, we will paddle past the outlet of Rangeley Lake and observe the fish screen that is used to keep the brook trout and landlocked salmon in the lake.  We will also discuss the Rangeley Dam that was originally built in the outlet by Squire Rangeley as a grist mill.  Continuing our paddle, we paddle around Indian Point, the location of Lake Point Cottage, the oldest camp on Rangeley Lake. As we continue along the lakefront you will enjoy viewing the beautiful historic summer camps.  A special feature of this paddle is that we frequently see, close up, the loon family that makes this section of the lake their home.

Trip Rate: $45.00 pp

2017 Guided Kayak Trips

(Additional individualized guided kayak trips/dates can be arranged)          

           June 2017

Wednesday, June 28  – Cupsuptic River 

           July 2017

Wednesday, July 12 – Kennebago River
Wednesday, July 26 – Cupsuptic River                           

          August 2017

Wednesday, August 2 – Kennebago River
Wednesday, August 9 – Cupsuptic River
Wednesday, August 23 – Cupsuptic River

          September 2017

Wednesday, September 6 – Cupsuptic River
Wednesday, September 13 – Cupsuptic River
Wednesday, September 20 – Cupsuptic River
Wednesday, September 27 – Cupsuptic River